Annual Campaign 

We have all had to adjust to a world no one could have predicted: a pandemic, social unrest and economic uncertainty. It has been a challenge for the strongest of us. And when you consider what's going on in the world today and combine that with some of the obstacles many of our Littles were facing long before the pandemic, there's one thing that our Little's have shown us.

They are resilient.

Even the most normal things in life - school, spending time with friends - has been turned upside down. And for many of the youth in our program, the one constant they have been able to rely on, is their relationship with their Big.

Our mentoring program has not stopped, our Bigs continue to find innovative ways to stay connected to their Littles. Our agency is committed to providing caring, dedicated adult mentors to our Littles who need support, now more than ever. In addition to ensuring our Bigs and Littles are supported, our agency continues to help families with the resources they need to survive...and thrive. 

You can help by making an financial investment today to empower resilience in our Littles. Even when things get back to normal, though it may not be the normal we're used to; Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Southern Adirondacks will be here. Our Bigs will be here. And our Littles will be here. Resilient.