Annual Campaign 

Last year was a challenging, uncertain, and transformative year for all of us. We as an agency took a reflective view on our role in the community and what our options were in handling the uncertainty of this pandemic. We are proud to report our mentoring programs were NEVER suspended throughout the pandemic. While our school program was interrupted our support to the children and families we serve have greatly expanded.

Our office responded to the needs of our families by providing food, paper products, clothing, disinfectants, family activities, and even computers to help bridge technology divides in the height of the pandemic.

Our team chose to lean in instead of shutting down and today we serve our children and families in ways we never imagined prior.

The impacts this pandemic has had on our youth's social, emotional, and academic wellbeing is just beginning to be realized. The full effects won’t be accurately measured or reflected for years to come and the repercussions of which will be felt for generations.

The needs of our youth have NEVER been greater! Our waitlist for children in need of a mentor is at an all time HIGH. Currently over 95 children are waiting to be matched.

Your investment will have an immediate impact to ensure our Littles have the essential support they need to succeed and achieve their potential.