We are all adjusting to a world no one could have predicated, it has been a challenge for us all. But one thing that are Littles have shown us during these difficult times, is that they are RESILIENT. Our Bigs are resilient too. No matter what challenges may come their way, our Bigs are committed to staying connected with their Littles. And our agency is resilient. We have not stopped - we are focused on creating opportunities and providing a positive outlet for the youth that need us most in our communities.   

Our agency has grown considerably over the last several years, resulting in more children in our care than ever before. In 2019, we served 363 children - we need to continue to serve these children and the 62 children on our waitlist, but we can't do so without funding. Your financial investment can make an immediate impact to ensure our Littles - the most vulnerable in our communities - aren’t forgotten. This pandemic has not only threatened our ability to serve more children but threatens our ability to keep our promises to our children to be there for them today, tomorrow, and all the years to come.

We are NOT nationally funded by Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. We have been completely dependent on the communities we serve, to support our work with families of at-risk youth. Over the last 45 years our agency has mentored thousands of youth into adulthood, defending their potential and helping them create brighter futures for themselves. The children in our programs DEPEND on our services to provide a sense of direction and stability in their lives. The loss of revenue due to postponing our biggest fundraiser of the year, Bowl for Kids’ Sake and canceling the majority of our other events this year resulted in tens of thousands of dollars decline in revenue causing a significant reduction in current support systems as well as future opportunities for children in our community. 

Since this pandemic has started, we have seen an increase in demand for our services that expand not only to our Littles’ but their families as well. Though our agency is well-known for providing mentoring, we also support our families by providing resources to support their daily needs. Through our on-going relationships with families we have established that they can turn to us in a time of need. So far during this pandemic, we have been able to provide our Littles’ families with toilet paper, diapers, hand sanitizer, disinfected wipes, masks, winter coats, puzzles, board games and other activities. We have provided food to our families to ensure our children and families have what they need to remain happy, healthy, and safe during these unprecedented times.

Our Littles not only need their Bigs in their lives, but they DESERVE them, and it will only be through your help that we will be able to ignite the power and promise of their potential.